Criminal Defense charges are always serious. You want an attorney who will fight diligently for you from day one. Even minor Criminal Defense charges can have consequences which may affect your immigration status, SSI benefits, student loans, credit, present and future employment opportunities. Whether you are under investigation, or have already been charged, we will work to help you build your strongest defense and protect your rights.


While Wisconsin does allow concealed carry

While Wisconsin does allow concealed carry with a license, understanding its regulations is crucial to avoid legal issues. Our firm offers complete guidance to safeguard your rights while navigating through firearm laws with assertiveness and empathy for our clients’ best interest and legal protection.

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Our attorneys are trained to investigate complex fact patterns, analyze the law and develop a comprehensive legal strategy to aid your defense. We strive to leave no stone unturned. When analyzing your case, our attorneys always consider the following issues:

Reasonable Suspicion: Law enforcement officers must have reasonable suspicion to suspect criminal activity prior to making any stop or detention decision, since failing to do so may lead to evidence suppression and subsequent lack of prosecutions.

Probable Cause: Probable cause refers to whether there was sufficient evidence that indicated a crime had been committed, justifying an arrest or search. Failure to establish this can result in evidence being excluded and can compromise trial proceedings.

Miranda Rights: Establishing whether and when a person who is being detained should have been informed of their Miranda rights – such as their right to remain silent and the ability to consult with an attorney. Failure to read one’s Miranda rights could have an adverse impact on any statements made by defendants during questioning or trial proceedings.

Warrants: Evaluating whether searches and seizures were conducted legally with valid warrants or an exception was given, since unlawful searches can lead to evidence suppression.

Consent to Search: Examining whether law enforcement obtained valid consent from individuals before conducting searches. Such permission must be freely given; any attempts at coercion could void the admissibility of evidence gathered.

Identification Issues: Evaluating witness identifications to assess their reliability, whether suggestive identification procedures were utilized and any faulty identifications may raise doubts regarding an accused’s guilt.

Chain of Custody: Ensuring evidence has been properly handled, stored, and preserved to preserve its integrity is of utmost importance; any mishandling could lead to its exclusion.

Eyewitness Testimony: Evaluate the accuracy and reliability of eyewitness testimony which may be affected by factors like memory or suggestion.

Constitutional Violations: Spotting potential violations of a defendant’s constitutional rights, such as those protected under the Fourth, Fifth and Eight Amendments.Legal Defenses: Investigating possible legal defenses such as self-defense, duress or entrapment depending on the facts of each case.

Each of these issues requires careful examination and legal analysis by criminal defense attorneys to protect the rights and interests of the accused in Wisconsin criminal cases. Legal arguments related to these issues can significantly impact the outcome of a case, potentially leading to the suppression of evidence or the dismissal of charges.

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Traffic Violations can have serious repercussions, including license suspension and costly fines. Our firm aggressively defends clients charged with traffic-related offenses from speeding tickets to reckless driving charges. We will work to minimize penalties and help you to maintain your driving privilege.

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Being charged with drug possession can have life-altering repercussions. Yandell Law Offices defends clients of all ages and backgrounds in municipal, State and Federal courts. We develop effective defense strategies to suppress evidence, when appropriate, and uphold your rights. We approach each client’s case with compassion and determination – advocating for reduced charges or dismissals whenever possible.

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Our firm provides compassionate support and experienced representation for those either seeking protection or defending against restraining orders for harassment, domestic abuse and child or elder abuse. We recognize the delicate nature of these cases, and work tirelessly to prosecute abusers and defend the wrongfully accused.

Allegations of assault or battery require prompt legal action to protect both rights and reputation against such accusations. Our firm stands ready to zealously represent your interests against such accusations by carefully examining evidence, crafting compelling arguments, and vigorously advocating on your behalf for your innocence or reduced charges.

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Our firm is dedicated to upholding your rights and providing aggressive defense against theft charges. We represent clients facing misdemeanors to felonies. We analyze evidence carefully, contest charges vigorously, and strive for the best possible outcomes for our clients.

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Representing juvenile clients requires special care and knowledge of Wisconsin’s juvenile justice system. At our firm, we advocate for their rights and wellbeing by offering compassionate guidance and aggressive defense. We prioritize rehabilitation and second chances to lessen the impact of a juvenile conviction on our clients’ future plans.

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OWI penalties in Wisconsin range from a mere citation to multiple years in prison. No matter what penalty you’re facing, you know that the consequences of an OWI conviction are going to be expensive and life-altering. The stakes are even higher if somebody has been injured or killed. Yandell Law Offices carefully reviews ALL of the facts to create the best defense possible. Even when a conviction is unavoidable, we are experienced in analyzing mitigating factors and advocating for the most lenient sentence possible.

White collar crimes include charges such as criminal fraud, embezzlement, money laundering, insider trading and health care fraud. These charges may be brought in both State and Federal courts. The government’s zeal to prosecute such alleged crimes often result in innocent or secondary players being charged. If you have been charged with a white-collar crime, you want experienced litigators who aren’t afraid of digging into the evidence and standing up to aggressive prosecutors. Our attorneys never back down from a fight that serves our clients’ best interests.

Like many states, Wisconsin has a “mandatory arrest” requirement any time there are credible allegations of domestic violence. Arrests related to domestic violence result in an automatic 72-hour no-contact order. Criminal charges often result in longer-term No Contact orders and other onerous bond conditions. We work with our client to understand the nuances of their personal lives to not only defend them at every stage of a domestic abuse prosecution.

Expungement, when available, offers those who have been convicted a chance to set some of the worst days of their lives behind them. For many, expungement offers a chance at redemption and improved mental and emotional well-being. It also offers an opportunity to restore access to education, housing, employment and possibly professional licensing opportunities not available to people with criminal records. However, not everybody qualifies for expungement.